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Top Affordable Travel Destinations for Canadians in 2020

General Kristina Crosbie 25 Feb

Trying to escape the blistering cold winter is an unofficial Canadian sport. We all need a break from the wind-chill, and with March just around the corner it may still be cold for a while yet. So where are the best places for Canadians to travel? Where is still affordable?

Sure you can find insanely cheap flights to exotic places like Bermuda or the Turks and Caicos Islands, but even the cheapest hotels there can easily run you $400+ a night, not to mention absurdly priced food.

So much of the travel advice out there is tailor made for Americans and their US dollar… until now! It’s our turn! 🇨🇦
If you just want to take a vacation without emptying your bank account and without enduring 36 hours in airports, we’ve got you covered. We’ve found the top affordable places for Canadians to travel in 2020 so you can have a dream getaway this year.

1. Mazatlán, Mexico
Mazatlán is only a 4.5 hour direct flight from many Canadian airports, has perfect weather in winter (less humid and cooler nights) and has beautiful sunny beaches.

2. Myrtle Beach, USA
Take a ride on the sky wheel, stroll down the boardwalk or hit up the wax museum. There are tons of attractions like Ripley’s, a hands on science exhibit and even a live alligator show. Myrtle Beach is also home to the most lazy rivers in the US, so spend some time floating the day away.

3. Curacao
Curacao is a tiny Dutch island in the Caribbean that should be on every Canadians list. Turquoise water, white sandy beaches and beautiful weather.
Curacao has an incredibly diverse history because its been ruled at different times by many empires. You’ll fall in love with the mixture of cultures, each lending inspiration in the local foods, languages and flavors.

4. Cartagena, Colombia
each lovers can take a stroll down Bocagrande in search of fresh ceviche, or enjoy the Caribbean breeze under an umbrella. History buffs can tour castle ruins, old cathedrals, or the local gold museum. You’ll really immerse yourself in the 4 C’s here, being: culture, colours, castles and cafes.

5. Merida, Mexico
Walk down it’s pastel colored streets, have a cafe outside a grand cathedral, and head to the plaza to salsa dance the evening away. No, Merida isn’t a beach destination, but with so much to do, you won’t even notice! Merida is the perfect jumping off point for exploring the diverse beauty of the Yucatan peninsula. Within a 2 hour drive you can visit over a dozen ancient Mayan ruins, underground caves and cenotes and cultural attractions.

6. Las Vegas, USA
Love it or hate it, Vegas is one of the cheapest and fastest getaways for Canadians. In the fall, when the snow starts coming down, you can easily escape to 25+ temps in under 3 hours.
The hotels are insanely cheap because they’re really hoping you’ll use your savings at the casino. If you can limit your gambling, you’ll come out a winner with those rock bottom accommodation prices.

7. Liberia, Costa Rica
Flying into Liberia is your gateway to vacationing in lush jungle or beautiful sandy beaches. Explore the culture of the small city for a few days and then head out to the sandy coast, only a 30 minute drive from town. Tamarindo, Samara, Playas Del Coco, Playa Conchal and Playa Flamingo are some of the most popular beach towns in Costa Rica that are perfect for a warm getaway.

8. Havana, Cuba
Havana is an incredible budget pick for Canadians looking for a memorable vacation. Walking through centro will have you feeling like you’ve just stepped onto a movie set! Colorful classic cars drive down colonials streets while intoxicating Latin music starts up on every corner. It’s truly a magical place! If you want to escape the bustling city there are even beautiful beaches just 20km out of town.

9. Orlando, USA

While Orlando might not have the cheapest hotels on the planet, it’s an incredibly easy destination for Canadians. You can fly direct to Orlando from 5 Canadian airports, with additional cities rumored to be added soon, making it super convenient. There are countless things to do in Orlando (hello Disney and Universal Studios!).

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